​​What is COR?
COR is a Catholic youth retreat for high school aged teens.  Young adults and adults often participate in COR weekends as well.  The focus of COR is on family—both the personal families that we come from and our larger family—the Church.  It presents an opportunity for self-discovery, meeting new friends, healing relationships, encountering Jesus, and so much more!  ​

How do I register?
Register by filling out the form and sending it in by the registration deadline.  Follow this link to get the most up-to-date registration form. 

​Who is eligible? ​
​All high school students are eligible to attend a COR weekend.  Young adults and adults are also welcome to attend.  Read more about the role of adults and young adults on the COR weekend.

Where are COR weekends held?
​COR weekends are held at the St. Leonard Youth Retreat Center in Avon, OH (4076 Case Road, 44011). Learn more about SLYRC here. 

When can I attend a COR weekend?
COR is held in the winter (January), spring (April), and summer (July). 

What time does the retreat start and end?
The retreat begins on Friday evenings at 7pm and ends on Sunday evenings around 3:30pm. 

How much does it cost?
At this time, the registration fee is $50 per person.  Scholarships are available, and can be applied for directly on the registration form.

What should I bring?
​Comfortable, every day clothing,
A pair of boots or old sneakers
A pair of dress clothes
Bedding or a sleeping bag
Personal toiletries (showers are available)
​Snacks/drinks to share

I am not Catholic, may I still attend?
Of course!  The retreat is open to members of all faith traditions.  Non-Catholics should be sponsored by a Catholic friend.  Non-Catholics are not required to participate in Catholic prayers and traditions, but they are required to be present for all scheduled events. 

May I leave early or for a few hours during the retreat?
No.  The nature of the retreat weekend requires that you be present for all events.  The retreat won’t make sense if you skip out on something.  In some instances, participants may arrive a little late on Friday.   

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