2018 Dates

The dates for the 2019 Summer Sports Camp are as follows: 

  • June 10-14 Boys Week One
  • June 17-21 Girls Week One
  • June 24-28 Boys Week Two
  • July 1-5 Girls Week Two

How do I register?
Registration is now online only.  Follow the Registration links for information and to register! 

What is the cost?
The cost is $100.00 per camper per week and is due at the time of registration. The registration fee is not refundable after the registration deadline.  You must have a PayPal account to register.  

I don't want to get shut out of the camps--can you place me on a list until I am able to complete the registration?
No. Campers are guaranteed a spot in camp when their completed form and fee have been received by the camp director. This is on a "first come, first served" basis. 

What does a daily schedule look like?
Camp begins each day at 9:45am.  Each morning campers participate in soccer and a rotating "sport of the day." After lunch, campers participate in the afternoon games (tetherball and killerball, both camp favorites), as well as daily activities such as hiking, boating, and team reflection time. Camp ends each day at 3:00pm, except for Thursday.  On Thursday, camp ends at 7:30pm, and campers participate in camp Olympics, which consist of a variety of fun and competitive games.  Parents join the campers for a pot-luck dinner and a parents vs. campers soccer game.  

What kind of supervision is at the camp?
Each camp consists of 4 teams which are managed by one "coach" and two counselors. Coaches are high school upperclassmen and college-aged young adults. Counselors are often first or second year counselors.  All coaches, counselors, and other volunteers over the age of 18 are required to participate in the "Protecting God's Children" program provided by the Cleveland Diocese. Nearly all of our counselors started out as campers in our programs. 

Should my child/children bring anything special to camp?
Campers should bring a lunch to camp every day (except Thursday). Children do not need to bring any kind of sporting equipment, although they will be informed about what kind of equipment they may bring if they would like to. Most parents like to send their kids with sunscreen and bug-spray. On Thursdays, campers enjoy bringing nets, buckets, etc. for our scavenger hunt. 

May my child/children leave camp early?
Although this does often times disrupt the flow of camp, as well as the spirit of the team, we understand that kids are very busy and will allow them to leave early for other commitments. We do ask that before parents register their children, they take into consideration the amount of time their kids will be missing, and weigh it with the fact that many children are closed out each year due to the overwhelming popularity of the camps. 

Can my child be placed on a team with his/her friends? 
Unfortunately, no.  With the large number of campers, it would be impossible to place everyone on teams with their friends.  We have learned from experience to let the teams happen as they do, and encourage the campers to make new friends. 

My child/children are not Catholic. May they still attend?
All children are welcome to attend the CSJ Summer Sports Camp. Parents should know that we begin and end each day in traditional Catholic/Christian prayers, and that Catholic themes are commonly discussed at camp.  

My child has specific medical needs and/or serious food allergies.  How should I proceed? 
It is best to speak directly with the camp director (CSJSummerSportsCamp@gmail.com) about any medical concerns your child may have.   All campers should be cleared medically before participating in the camp.